Amulet vs Talisman

Amulet vs Talisman – Do You Know the Difference?

We all need a little help and protection at times don’t we? But how do you choose between amulet vs talisman. As a practicing Witch I like to get creative and use both. The trick is knowing when to use one over the other for maximum benefit! On the most basic level, amulets and talismans are magickal charms. You can make them for yourself or for others. Both are worn on the person to keep the persons spiritual power safe or, to ward off any evil that may come their way. You can go a long way back in history and find evidence of many different cultures belief in the magickal powers of amulets and talismans. Even to this present day, this belief is still going strong! One is for protection against evil and the other is amplify your personal power, let’s find out which one is which …




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What is an Amulet?

The word amulet comes from the Latin word “amuletum”, which means “an object that protects a person from trouble“. Amulets are also known as a “good luck charms“. It allows the Witch (if your making it for yourself) or, the person wearing it, protection and defense against evil that is around them or targeted at them. You can wear it for protection to keep disease, evil and any/all other dangers away

Amulets have power to avert evil influences or bad luck (that’s why they are also referred to as lucky charms) and can be either left in their natural state (like a stone or gem) or homemade of natural materials. You can pretty much use any object as an amulet (these include but are not limited to: crystals/gems, stones, animal parts (think rabbits foot!), plant parts, coins etc.)

Amulets are typically worn as a piece of jewelry and they get their powers from magick contained within them. Certain amulets can be designed to depicted specific symbols for protection that most people are familiar with such as: the ankh, the Eye of Horus, Hand of Miriam, crucifix, the Star of David.

What are examples of amulets?

Anything that is in its natural state like precious stones and crystals, coal, garlic as well as things like a Crucifix, runes, lucky coins (made of bronze, silver, gold) and horseshoes and those I mentioned in the above paragraph. These types of amulets that have been used by not just Witches & practitioners, but people in general for decades. Here are just a few suggestions of what you could use for your amulet (depending on the reason you are creating the amulet): Onyx will help with paranormal activity, blue topaz is thought to undo magick spells and sorcery while inducing emotional stability, amethyst is thought to be grounding, and will alleviate stress and headaches whereas citrine (also know as the happy stone) is thought to dispel negative energy and bring happiness and positivity into the life of anyone who wears it. This is just a very small example of what are considered amulets and what you might want to use to create your own amulet.

When should I use an Amulet?

You should use an amulet if you think you might have the evil eye upon you. If things seem to be going bad or negative, if you are frequently getting sick or feel under the weather, this might be a good indication to create a amulet for some extra spiritual protection.

What is a Talisman?

The word “talisman” comes from the ancient Greek telesma/teleo which means “completion, religious rite or consecration ceremony”. A talisman is any object ascribed with magical powers (or religious powers) which is intended to either protect, heal or harm the person it is/they are made for.

It is thought to give positive energy to the person who possesses one. A Talisman’s main function is to channel divine protection by calling for the attraction of positive energies to the person wearing it and, to deflect any disease, danger and/or the evil eye.

Talisman’s are often inscribed with magickal writings. These inscriptions can be sigils (a sigil is a symbolic representation of the Witch’s desired outcome) or sonnets (a rhyming little poem). Talismans will usually incorporate a verse, inscription, or pattern that is of particular meaning to the Witch/practitioner who is making it.

Talismans are used for personal protection of belongings, of loved ones, and to aid in fertility. Talismans can have magical associations with colors, scents, symbology, patterns & figures. They are generally made of crystals and gemstones and are associated with a chosen planetary or elemental symbolism.

It is believed that everything used for a talisman must be in harmony with the planetary or elementary force chosen to amplify the intended power of the talisman. Everything to do with the making of the Taliman must be in harmony with the talisman’s original purpose of being created.

Talismans are seen as natural boost to help a person find their way to correct thoughts through divine guidance. Some believe extensive knowledge of both astronomy and astrology is needed for creating a talisman (because a talisman should be made during a favorable celestial event) but, this is very advanced. You will be just fine if you do a little research on moon phases, star alignments and which element you want to work with first, to figure out the best date and time to create your talisman.

What are examples of Talisman?

Some well known examples of talismans that you might be familiar with are: Aladdin’s Lamp, Excalibur (the sword of King Arthur), a magick rod with a snake or a magic hat. The mighty bee is also seen a powerful symbol of inner strength, sexuality, and love and might be something you want to consider when creating a talisman of your own.

When should I use a Talisman?

When you want to draw upon a certain energy or amplify a certain energy within you to achieve a desired outcome.

What are the differences between an amulet and talisman?

The main differences between an amulet and talisman is in their form and material. An amulet is sacred or powerful because of what it is (a crystal, precious stone) because amulets are for protection. A talisman is sacred or powerful because of what has been done with it (inscribing of a verse or symbol) and a talisman will draw energy from a particular deity, planet, or astrological energy. Also, amulets come from natural and are in natural form (mostly) in contrast to a talisman which is typically man-made objects that can either be natural, non-natural or a mix.




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