What is a Witch? Everything You Need to Know and More!

If you are wondering, what is a witch? Maybe your neighbour did something that made you question whether she is a witch? Or, maybe you are contemplating if you are a witch? Either way, this article will put to rest any questions or concerns you may have on the topic of “What is a Witch”.

A Witch is a women (can be a man, and it is much more common these days to find practicing male witches) who has existing supernatural magickal powers. A Witch can also be an ordinary person who chooses to learn and practice magick with the help of the supernatural world. A Witch is someone who practices the craft or skills called witchcraft. They believe in their intrinsic power of the body and mind and, with every bit of knowledge and technique they acquire, the believe they hold the power within them to make changes within their life (and sometimes the lives of other people).




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What do Witches do exactly?

Witches create. From spells, to pentacles, Witches create their own world. This can also mean that they create their own way of living and use their energy and will power to manifest desired outcomes. Witches praise nature. Witches worship the Earth, nature and all it’s deities. The Earth is very important to the life of a Witch and is an important factor that is woven into their everyday life, thinking, actions, spell work and spiritual existence. Witches connect with nature on a very deep level, nature speaks to a Witch and a Witch speak with nature.

Witches communicate with the spiritual realm, freely and free of any mediator (this just means they don’t need a middle-man like a priest, the speak directly with the spiritual realm). A Witch makes things happen with their power of thought and fully believes in their capabilities. A Witches foremost purpose is to transform the world around them into the world they would like it to be. A Witch attempts to influence their surrounding world and achieve their goals through occult practices (occult just means hidden, as opposed to open and observable) and methods. Sometimes Witches are said to be able to visit other dimensions in dreams and bring back recollections of where they have been, what they saw, messages they may have received etc.

What occult practices and methods do Witches use?

Witches use a wide variety of occult practices and methods. Depending on the method and the reasons, they can be used daily for guidance or for a specific reason like a Sabbat celebration or for protection against something or someone specific.

Incantations (spells to invoke the supernatural): is a magickal formula intended to trigger a magical effect on a person or object. The formula can be spoken, sung or chanted by the Witch. Incantations are designed to gather magickal power and direct it towards a specific purpose, and desired outcome.

Divination and oracles (to predict the future): this method is used by a Witch to attempt to gain insight into a question or a situation by reading signs, events and/or omens, or through contact with the supernatural. A Witch then interprets the signs provided by the deities.

Amulets and charms (to ward off hostile spirits and harmful events): a Witch focuses their intent and spell on a specific item or, something that the Witch makes herself, to protect the Witch or the person they are making it for.

Potions and salves: this is once again made by the Witch and has magickal properties depending on the purpose/reason the potion or salve is made. Reasons can include healing and beauty; a Witch will take all the ingredients from nature (herbs, oils etc.) and combine their properties and benefits to help the Witch or whoever the Witch is making the potion or salve for.

Dolls or other figures: A Witch can make a doll (also know as a poppet) to represent a person who is going to be their focus in their spell work. A doll/poppet can be crafted out of pretty much any kind of object or material and then stuffed with specially selected herbs infused with the intent that any actions performed on the doll will be transferred to the person.

Why do Witches practice Witchcraft?

Witches practice witchcraft for many reasons. Some of these reasons can include the like of gaining or preserving health for themselves and for others. They can use their skills to acquire or retain property. Many Witches have been known to use their practices to protect against natural disasters or evil spirits. Frequently, you will find that Witches use their witchcraft to help friends, family, strangers and/or the world. In some cases (and this depends entirely on the individuals free will to choose their own path) a Witch can use their powers to seek revenge (also know as the practice of sorcery).

What is the Perception of a Witch?

The witch is a symbol of female power which is often reduced to good or bad, light or dark. This isn’t necessarily the best way to view a Witch because, “being” a Witch is a very individual concept and varies significantly from Witch to Witch. A witch is neither all good or all bad either; a Witch is someone who is capable of both good and bad intentions and it very much depends on the practitioner where they choose to go with their witchcraft.

Are Witches, Wiccans, Pagans all the same?

Being a Witch can involve anything from being a practitioner of Wicca (a religion founded in the 20th century) to practicing any number of the different Neo-Pagan traditions. It can also mean just going your own way and intuitively figuring things out along your own personal journey. Not all self-identified Witches are Wiccan and not all Pagans would describe themselves as Witches. It is very much an individualistic path and you will find (if you have the opportunity to speak with a Witch or two) that they often take elements from other religions like Buddhism, or Hinduism for example and incorporate some of their teachings into their own practices.




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