Goddess Hecate is She Calling You

Who is Hecate? Has She Been Calling You …

Witches, occultists, and the many pagans groups who honor the mysterious and divine Hecate, do so by performing regular rituals and suppers on a Dark Moon and other notable dates within the Wheel of the Year. This is an ancient practice which comes from a place of honoring and appreciating Hecate and all that She offers us. I honor and respect Hecate as she is the one who guides me on my journey. Have you felt Her calling? Will you answer … There are many times when you can honor and work with Hecate. In this article we will take a look at when this is and what you can do to incorporate Hecate into your magickal workings.



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You might have heard the word Deipnon (pronounced: DEP-non) when reading or talking about Hecate’s supper. This is the Greek work for the evening meal (supper) which many witches do, in honor of Hecate. Typical Deipnon meals include foods such as: eggs, garlic, leeks, onions, mushrooms, honey, bread and wine. The burning of incense is also part of the supper. These are all “classical” offerings. You can use all these in an actual meal that you eat or you can use them separately as an offering to Hecate at a crossroads. 

Note: Other things you can offer Hecate are – poems that you have written, prayer beads, lighted candles or tealights.

You can use your altar or create a dedicated shrine for Her with pictures (that you have created or bought), statues of Hecate and/or symbols of Hecate’s wheel also know as the Stropholos of Hecate (and any other symbol you want to use to represent the goddess). This is a more modern way of honoring Hecate. Hecate as the Maiden, Mother, Crone aspects is another modern interpretation and representation of Hecate.

NOTE: The sacrifices offered to Hecate consisted of dogs, honey, and black female lambs. You can use representations of these on your altar or for your offerings.


Hecate can be called on for protection in hauntings, spirit work, purification, and for help against harmful and destructive magick. She is a protective Goddess who provides blessings and prosperity to the family. Hecate is the guardian of the crossroads but She has also evolved into the goddess of magick and witchcraft. A true Moon goddess. She is the goddess of purification and expiations and She is always accompanied by dogs


Hecate’s name means “worker from afar” from the Greek word “hekatos“. As already stated She is a goddess of magick, witchcraft, necromancy, the night and the moon (you can see why She is so popular among witches). If you dive into the origin of Hecate you will find that the consensus is that Hecate is the only child of Perses and Asteria (who were Titans). From them, Hecate received power over all of the heaven, earth and sea. She also became Persephone’s confidant and companion in Hades.

NOTE: Although the majority say that Hecate is believed to be a daughter of Persaeus or Perses and Asteria there are other sources that speculate that she could be the daughter of the following: Zeus and Demeter, Zeus either by Pheraea or by Hera or a daughter of Leto or Tartarus – what are your thoughts on this?

Hecate is an ancient Thracian deity and a Titan. For those of you who are new to this, “The Titans” (also known as the Elder Gods) ruled the earth before the Olympians displaced them. The ruler of the Titans was Cronus who was de-throned by his son Zeus. However, Hekate was one of the Titan-gods who allied with Zeus. She was the only Titan who retained Her power under the rule of Zeus, and at the same time, was honoured by all immortal gods.


Hecate rules in heaven, on the earth and, in the sea. If She so chooses, She can bestow on us wealth, wisdom, victory, prosperity (to youth and cattle) and, good luck to all hunters and sailors. However, at the same time, if She deems necessary these blessings can also be withheld if people are not deserving of them. This extensive power possessed by Hecate is likely the reason that She is also identified with several other deities, and why she is the most prominent mystic goddess.

Other names Hecate is known by include:

  • Apotropaia (that turns away or that protects)
  • Chthonia (of the earth or of the Underworld)
  • Enodia (on the way)
  • Kleidouchos (holding the keys)
  • Kourotrophos (nurse of children)
  • Lampadephoros (bringing light or bearing light)
  • Phosphoros (bringing light or bearing light)
  • Propolos (who serves or who attends)
  • Propulaia/Propylaia (before the gate)
  • Soteria (savior)
  • Trimorphe/Triformis (three-formed)
  • Triodia/Trioditis (who frequents crossroads)

You can use any of Hecate’s other names during your witchcraft practices. Sometimes, depending on where you are at in your life and what your intentions are, an epithet may feel more “right” to use. For example:

  • Triformis – for personal transformation
  • Enodia – personal journey


Hecate is associated with two main animals which are considered Her familiars, these are:

  • The black she-dog – this was the Trojan Queen Hekabe (Hecuba) who jumped into the sea after the fall of Troy and was transformed by the goddess.
  • The polecat – the polecat was either the witch Gale (turned as punishment for incontinence) or Galinthias the midwife of Alkmene (Alcmena) who was transformed by the goddess Eileithyia but then adopted by Hecate as a familar.


In the description of Hecate you will find Her often described as a virgin goddess (similar to Artemis). The queen of all nature, Hecate was also identified with Demeter, Rhea, Cybele or Brimo. Her huntress aspect and protector of youth, lent similarities to Artemis again. And, as a goddess of the Moon, she is regarded in the same light as Persephone. Hecate, the Queen of the Underworld (Chthonic) a leader of the ghosts of the dead, and associated with the spring-time return of Persephone.


After observing the abduction of Persephone, a torch in each hand, she accompanied Demeter in the search for Persephone. When Persephone was found, Hecate remained with her as her confidant and companion. Because of this, Hecate becomes a deity of the Under World. In this capacity, Hecate is described as a mighty and formidable divinity, ruling over the souls of the dead.

Hecate is also regarded as a spectral being herself. She can send entities from the Underworld, who dwell at crossroads, in graveyards, and near sites of death. Hecate also wanders with the souls of the dead. Her approach is announced by the whining and howling of dogs. You might witness this on November 16th, the Night of Hecate (has this already happened to you?)

NOTE: A number of epithets given to Hecate by poets, regarding Her form include: Three bodies or three heads (one of a horse, dog, a lion, sometime snake), a three-headed monster, sometimes She is identified with Krataeis (the mother of the sea-monster Skylla) and Skylakagetis (which means Leader of the Dogs).


Now that you are more familiar with the history and the “knowing” of Hecate, we can take a closer look at how Hecate can influence your practice and even reach out and “call to you“. Personal development in witchcraft is a huge part of the practice as it coincides with your personal devotion to the craft. What does this mean? This means you living your authentic life, healing traumas, being a better person and building better relationships. These are all concepts that we can use as forms of devotion to Hecate as we practice witchcraft and develop a personal relationship with Her.


Working with Hecate is unique to each and every one of us. How you interpret Hecate is up to you. This can range from you sensing Her & seeing Her as an energetic force or, to a female human-looking goddess (which ever resonates or presents itself to you). Working with Hecate and the natural energies that surround you will continue to develop your self-discipline and skills of manifestation that will help you to live your best, fulfilled life.

NOTE: however you approach your craft and working with Hecate, it is advisable to do it with a sense of seriousness and devotion.

I spoke about Hecate “calling you“, this is because Hecate chooses Her children. She chooses you because She knows you can serve a purpose and She is there, willing to guide you. Often people say that Hecate is a demanding deity. What this might mean is that she gives a lot and expects a lot in return from you. When working with Hecate you may ask for Her guidance but do not expect Her to do the work. This comes down to you.

Note: Hecate cannot do for us what she cannot do through us. Read that again.

Her role as Queen of the Underworld is very important. She shows commitment to the darkness within all of us and is there to help us face our darker shadow side of self, the parts we don’t want to highlight. It is through this illumination that you can truly release all that is not serving you and reach your full potential. When you are connecting with Hecate, study, share your knowledge, practice regular devotion, participate in community service, make wise decisions and live a magickal life. This is what Hecate wants from us.

Developing a personal relationship with Hecate means learning and working to know Her more through performing rituals that honor Her on a regular basis. By Seeking Hecate’s energy it will help you to manipulate the natural forces of the world in order to achieve your goals.

NOTE: Witchcraft is a combination of belief, knowledge, skill and power = powerful spell work.


When working on your witchy development, if you put some priority and emphisis on the following practices it will help you along with your connection with Hecate:

  • meditative journeying
  • rituals
  • spells
  • prayer
  • practical magick that relies on initiative and effort with what’s available to you

The more you learn, the more you grow, the more your witchcraft practice and understanding change. Be flexible in your beliefs as Hecate reflects those who work with Her. She has changed too in perception since ancient times until modern day – has she not?


November is a special month due to the celebrations for Hecate during this month. It is when we can let the darkness in, the Divine Feminine positions itself in our lives. Hecate, the forever torch bearer, shining Her light to light our way. Moon Goddess. The feminine energy of the Moon. Now is the time of Hecate’s prominent energy to rise.

NOTE: Hecate is the Mother of All. Omniprestent, omnipotent and all powerful. We find freedom in Her potent powers.

Goddess Hecate is the protectress of witches, of the oppressed and the marginalized. A goddess of the in-between, liminal spaces and boundaries. She is there for our transitional times (birth, death, big changes in life), carrying a torch to light our way. Her illumination is to light the way through your personal path, to show you your shadow side, and guide you through your choices (at the crossroads of life) and the paths that you choose.

The night of November 16th is the night to hold a supper in Hecate’s honor!

On the night of November 16th, She roams the earth by night with her sacred dogs. If it’s quiet enough maybe you can hear and feel Her presence. To make Hecate’s supper, you can make a meal that you consume or, you can just have the food as an offering for Hecate and Her hounds. If you’re not sure what these offerings consist of, here’s a quick reminder for you:

  • wine
  • honey
  • crescent-shaped bread and pastries
  • eggs
  • garlic
  • fish
  • mushrooms
  • light candles


You might have your own supper ritual for the night of Hecate (most of us do!) but, if you are newer to this here’s a brief summary of what to do. You can make yourself a meal containing some of the food offerings that are associated with Hecate. Enjoy the meal but also make an offering plate for Hecate. You can leave the offering plate outside your font door (which is a “crossroad” between indoors and outdoors) or, between your private space and a public space or, as is traditionally done, at a crossroad. If you are going to leave your food offerings at a crossroads, make sure you leave them on a perishable plate or a flat stone or stump of some kind.


On this night, acknowledge Hecate’s strength and the She is the protector of all realms. We remember that Hecate is all powerful, all knowing and eternal. We acknowledge that we are not equal but we can have a close relationship. She is a living goddess. Say your prayer, invocation or petition. Once you have done this, walk away without looking back. If you hear a dog this is a good indication that you have been heard by Hecate and her sacred dogs.

NOTE: Hecate is – fierce, kind, supportive, demanding, intimidating but approachable.


Hecate’s Night is a special night when we can honor all the blessings we have received. If you plan on going to a crossroads make sure you go prepared. Have your prayer, petition or invocation written on a piece of paper. Light it on fire after you have read it out loud. Leave your food offerings and think about the following questions as you walk away … how has Hecate manifested in your life? What does being called by Hecate mean to you? Blessed be.



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