What is Astrology?

What is Astrology? Let’s take a look into your star sign!

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a pseudoscience that study’s the movement and positions of celestial objects (the things we call sun, moon, stars, planets etc.). Reading these celestial “objects” is a way for people to get divine information about peoples lives and Earthly events. It is a deep complex art of divination. It is an interpretive art of the wisdom from the stars. In a nutshell, astrology is a complicated ancient system.

NOTE: Astrology merges science with mathematics and astrology has been referred to as “God’s geometry”

Ref: astrolibrary.org

Astrology can an alter your perception of reality. Astrology is used as a tool that we can all learn from and use in our lives and, our relationships. It isn’t about future telling or luck but more about peoples potential and possibilities. Knowledge of astrology is supposed to help drive you forward in life. It is not to compel you to be a certain way or go a certain direction.




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Do Witches use astrology?

Some Witches do use astrology to better know themselves. But not all Witches practice astrology. The majority of Witches do have a basic understanding of astrology and use to understand others, relationship and possible future occurrences. They use it to expand insight into motivations and behaviors and to help map theirs and others place in the cosmos and to assisting in knowing theirs and others needs, strengths and weaknesses.

NOTE: Astrology does not divide people up into 12 divisions, it just teaches that we are all subject to univeral needs and desires yet we are all ultimately unique.

How can I use astrology?

You can use astrology to shed light on secret parts of yourself that are unknown to you right now. Knowing yourself better will help you navigate through life and help you with your witchcraft (if you practice this). Some believe that checking astrology in the morning is a good way to start the day because it is good to Know which basic energies you will experience during that particular day.

NOTE: knowing the energy of the day will help you work around or, work with those particular energies. For example; this can be helpful if you are making a big decision that day or plan on doing a particular spell etc.

Where can I go to start learning astrology?

  • You can study on your own (read books, blogs, articles, join groups etc.)
  • Find a mentor (someone who will be willing to help you learn and guide you)
  • Do an online course

TIP: This is a link to a site where beginners can learn the basics of astrology for free! CLICK HERE

You will need to know your birth chart (a.k.a. horoscope). This is the pattern that the planets made at the time you were born into this world. This tells of your abilities, challenges, potential and tendencies. There are 78 sun sign combinations. Timing is crucial!

We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like a vintage wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born

Carl G. Jung

ATTENTION: The signs of the zodiac and the constellations that share the same name are not the same. the sign are the divisions of the ecliptic which are the 12 30 degree divisions used to be aligned and coincided. today this is not the case. The vernal equinox used to occur in the Aires constellation, then in Pisces, now we are in the Age of Aquarius.

The signs of the zodiac

The Sun sign, defines your ego and is the most basic and essential astrological fact about you. This is going to be the main focus in this article. Your sun sign defines your approach to life, needs, motivations and ego.


Each sign has a polarity (positive/negative reaction pattern), quality/type of behavior of expression: Cardinal, fixed or mutable and an element (your basic temperament).

Definitions to know:

  • Cardinal signs: Initiate change, enterprising, they make things happen.
  • Fixed signs: Are focused and determined, they consolidate and preserve change.
  • Mutable signs: Are flexible and versatile, they adapt and adjust.

Let’s Take a look at Each Star Sign:

It’s interesting to know that each star sign has an element: fire, earth, air or water. Let’s take a closer look at each star sign and their corresponding element and see what this revels about our own zodiac sign and our friends, family members and partners!


Theses signs are linked with the vital force fire which is associated with energy, heat, excitement, desire, activity. People born under these signs are extrovert, courageous, dynamic, vigorous and volatile., restless, impatient, prone to burn out. Ruled by Mars (Roman God of War). Aires are straight forward and spirited.


The Ram, people born between March 20 – April 18, they are daring and impulsive and are gifted in setting things into motion. Cardinal fire.

Aires Positives:

Boundless energy, enthusiastic, inspiring, bold, appealing personality, zest for life. Passionate, unconventional and individualistic with a distinct personal style. Aires know who they are and follow their own intuition. Refuse to let people define you. A person of extremes. React quickly. Make instantaneous decisions. Action. Stand up for what you believe is right. Natural leader with a clear decisive mind and faith in yourself and your plans. A risk taker with a need to prove yourself. Can easily move on from things.

Aires Negatives:

Self-centered, inconsiderate, intent on doing things your way. With unbreakable determination, can be combative when faced with something they really want to do. Ruthless. Willing to break the rules. Obey your instincts and lack foresight. Lack diligence. Become restless when initial interest in anything fizzles. Massively impatient so prefer short term ventures over long term. Find it hard to imagine how other people feel. Come across as insensitive. Egocentric. Super fiery hot temper which comes and goes in a flash, can be terrifying for others. Strongly opinionated. Not afraid to express no matter how impolite it may come off as.

Aires relationships:

People know where you stand, you express yourself by being outspoken and direct. Little patience for those who can deal with this. Can’t tolerate coddling. Prefer friends who are on the move like you. Can’t tolerate whining. Aires are exciting people to be around. Can suffer from jealousy. Competitive. Enjoy the chase. You know what you like and are not a game player. Sexually ravenous. Idealist. You make your displeasure clear. Don’t shy away from confrontation. Contentious. You don’t suppress your feelings. Face issues head on. Combustible, intimating mask might be masking feelings of inferiority at times.


The Lion, people born between July 23 – August 22, they are confident, vibrant and determined individuals. Fixed fire.

Leo positives:

Loyal, outgoing, determined, cheerful and very likeable. Active and extremely sociable. Responsible. Want to live live to the fullest. Having a good time is important. Entertaining and a love of being center of attention, you light up the room. Lively sense of humor. knowledgeable opinions. Can have fun no matter what. Confident, charismatic, radiant and proud. You appreciate luxury and glam. High sense of dignity. A need to be pampered. You respect hard work and a willingness to carry responsibility. Value loyalty and return it. Helpful and generous. Supporter of the underdogs. Warm and generous.

Leo negatives:

Try hard, too hard even and can feel very vulnerable. Want people to like you. You tell people what you think they want to hear. Tend to exaggerate casting yourself in a more favorable light. Can be arrogant, vain, and overbearing. Drama Queen. Extremely strongly opinionated on anything and everything. An idealist. Very demanding and controlling. Find it difficult to admit to making mistakes. Can be manipulating.

Leo relationships:

Self assurance and easy going humor, you like to maintain an upper hand in a relationship. You know how to give affection and admiration to others. People feel privileged to be your friend. Leos love to be in love. High maintenance (though Leo’s think otherwise). When things are good in a relationship you are supportive, passionate, adoring and accommodating. When things go bad you can be jealous, domineering and arrogant. Don’t like disappointments. Stir things up when things get dull and predictable.


The Archer, people born between November 22 – December 21, they are spontaneous, adventurous and independent. Mutable fire.

Sagittarius positives:

Feel most alive when your having an adventure. Independent, everything is possible. Vibrant. Free spirit. Honest and intelligent. A philosopher. You ponder the big questions. Life is a quest for wisdom and experience. Excitable and restless. Rapid wit. Demanding of autonomy. Have a multitude of interests. Always setting goals for yourself. Open minded. Optimistic. You are lucky (thanks to your ruling planet Jupiter) and can connect with all kinds of people. Fearless attitude. You always bounce back. Love the outdoors.

Sagittarius negatives:

Sagittarius are divided (like the half human half horse symbol) part wants to party the other wants to aim high. With out a target goal you are lost. Can be impractical and disorganized. Tendency to procrastinate. Easily side tracked. Can be unreliable. A tendency to promise but never actually deliver. Your innate optimism can cause you to over estimate your abilities. Can be dogmatic and fanatical. Preachy. Tactless. Sagittarius haven’t learned to lie (even when its kindness to do so) it’s the flip side to their honesty.

Sagittarius relationships:

Love to talk and make friend, they are full of stimulating conversations and humor. Romance is tricky due to need for personal freedom. Hold back romantically. Famous for being resistant to commitment. When Sagittarius do connect they want it to lead to a more fulfilling life. Domesticity is not a Sagittarius dream. They pair well with a partner who is active, and accomplished, who doesn’t mind their independence. Always need their own space.


Earth signs ground the energy of fire signs. Earth signs are stable, sensible, persistent, materialist and productive. People born under these signs respect and understand money and other materialistic things. They are: responsive, sensuous. They get things done and have a very pragmatic approach to life.


The Bull, people born April 19 – May 20, they are known for their persistence, love of pleasure and need for security. Fixed earth.

Taurus positives:

Dedicated, cautious and grounded in reality. Tenacity for sticking up for moral principles. Steady on your feet. Totally reliable. Make conservative choices. Don’t get angry easily. Try to avoid change. Once a decision is made will not change your mind. Set concrete goals. Pursue goals quietly with determination. At home in your body and attune with your environment. Very responsive to comforts of all different kinds. Taurus are creatively gifted and can have talents in the arts such as painting, dancing, design, music, cooking and gardening to name a few.

Taurus negatives:

Taurus do things at a leisurely pace. Refuse to be rushed. Can be stodgy. Can easily fall into a rut. Very stubborn. Refuse to change. Difficulty in changing destructive patterns because they dont want to try something new (bull-headed). Can be greedy and acquisitive. Self indulgent and self pitying. When down can be apathetic. Possessive, jealous, insensitive, dependent, user.

Taurus relationships:

Venus as Taurus ruling planet, you are affectionate and easily appeal to others. Romance is massively important. Quietly seductive. Feelings run deep. Seek contentment and sanctuary. Love daily domestic life and long term relationships, Loving, protecting and supportive. Dislike conflict but won’t back down either. Sincere and intense Taurus you don’t play games you play for keeps. If a relationship is on shaky ground Taurus cannot bear the tension.


The Virgin, people born between August 23 – September 22, they are known for their capabilities of observation, insightfulness and articulation. They can be: critical, discriminating and consider themselves always a work in progress. Powerful sense of the way things should be. Mutable Earth.

Virgo positives:

Eye for detail. Organized and meticulous. Efficient. Smart, funny and engaging. Extraordinary analytical skills. Clear mind and high level concentration ability. Love for learning. Appealing and modest. Conscientious, efficient and industrious. Also an idealist. Virgo’s are organized and disciplined, ready to push themselves to the limit. Equally as willing to assist others. Strong moral core. Virgo is the sign of service. Acting on behalf of others makes Virgos feel good. Can be very seductive. Have the mental ability to reframe a situation and deal with things.

Virgo negatives:

Too hard on everyone around you (including yourself). Nagging. Very critical and criticize a lot. Can be very demanding. Get very disappointed when demands are not met. Act the martyr having to put up with the inadequacies of others. Suffer from waves of anxiety, inferiority, shyness & guilt. You worry about everything! hypochondriac. Fascinated with alternate healing techniques and methods. Neatness is a must but not all Virgos are like this. Can be too forth coming with advise.

Virgo relationships:

Virgos love to talk and are excellent at analyzing other people. Conversations with Virgos are never dull. They enjoy exploring new ideas. They have a lot of interests. They are thoughtful and remember important dates. Prefer to know their role and responsibilities in a committed relationship, this makes a Virgo most comfortable. Uncertainty and shifting in relationship circumstances can make Virgos become withholding, jittery, an insomniac and controlling. When reality conflicts with a Virgos impossibly high standards they slip into denial and only see what they want to see. When break ups happen they are stunned but find a way to turn things around. No trouble attracting admirers.


The Goat, people born between December 23 – January 19, they are known as people who uphold tradition.

Capricorn positives:

A true adult. Productive, responsible, competitive and mature. More serious as a child compared to other star signs. The older you get the happier you become. Ambitious. You figure out a realistic strategy and are patient. Industrious and thrifty. Can weather any difficulty you encounter. Have the ability to step outside yourself and consider the needs of others. A natural leader. Externally calm in stressful situations, panic internally. You know how to apply self discipline. Cool, reserved, authoritative and dignified. You see what needs to be done and act. Indulge in sensuality. Responsive to true love, art and pleasures of the kitchen, boardroom and bedroom.

Capricorn negatives:

Struggle to loosen up and relax. Status & money minded. Can be fearful, repressed and pessimistic. Least spontaneous sign. Work too hard and hate to take a break or slow down. Don’t like to discuss feelings. Perceived weaknesses are painful for Capricorns. Prone to suffer in silence and denial.

Capricorn relationships:

They have a strong sense of privacy, propriety and emotional reserve. Don’t let many people get too close. Uncomfortable with emotional displays. A traditionalist with a strong sex drive. Deep need to connect, be admired and comforted. Ideal partner is accomplished and well put together. Faithful and devoted. Not one to play around. Traditional relationship roles, standard male/female roles. Capricorns take everything seriously.


Air represents reason and intelligence, the element of intellect. people who are born under an air sign are known for their ability to connect the dots. They are curious, versatile and very bright. They have active minds, mental acuteness, and are always searching for understanding. The revel in conversation and value ideas.


The Twins, people born between May 21 – June 20, they are know for their sparkling personality, curious mind and unpredictable ways. Geminis are lively and very persuasive and engaging with a double sided nature. Mutable air.

Gemini positives:

Clever, inquisitive, companionable and joyous. Always looking for stimulation which takes you in unexpected directions. High-spirited and always up to date on everything (including the latest gossip). Excited by everything life has to offer. Gemini pursue multiple interests and new endeavors. Love the feeling of infinite possibilities. Maintain an ever growing group of friends., enjoying the discovering new connection between unexpected others. Geminis enthusiasm is infectious. Spontaneous and constantly in motion.

Gemini negatives:

Impatient and easily bored. Can loaded self down with over commitment to too many activities. Hyperactive. Inconstant. Know to talk too much. Short attention span making Geminis prone to ‘dropping the ball’. Easily distracted and find it difficult to concentrate at times. When something excites a Gemini the accelerate into overdrive. Intense, sometime narcissistic focus drains others. Can be deceptive, superficial and fickle. Emotionally shallow, don’t dwell on feelings just push them to the side and adapt to the change of circumstances.

Gemini relationships:

Some, not all, can be unfeeling and fickle. They are playful and engaging. Love the excitement of the dating chase and relationship banter. Easily bored and restless in relationships. A Geminis ideal partner is someone who is multifaceted to provide enough stimulation, confident enough to allow freedom and witty enough to make them laugh. Always responsive to a challenge. Need a lively connection that generates sparks and engages the mind.


The scales, people born between September 23 – October 22, known for their balanced intellect, sense of fairness, aesthetic sensitivity and high importance on partnerships. Act rationally, believe in fairness usually easy to be around. Cardinal air.

Libra positives:

Sense and elegance meets cool. Refined and even tempered. Observant and amiable. The ultimate diplomat (when you want to be). Seeking serenity, respond strongly to art and music. Artistic sense and social sense is highly developed. Easy-going. Graceful, smart, charming. Cant stop being flirtatious. A committed partner. Relationships are indispensable. Sophisticated intellect with a sensible approach to life. Conscious of all implications of every decision. See k out information on opposing views and do your best not to jump to conclusions. You enjoy a good debate. Reason is of high value to you. Objective. Ability to weight up both sides of an issue (libra symbol is weighing scales the only sign of a non lining creature).

Libra negatives:

Libras friendly persona can conceal dissatisfaction and struggles with emotional complexities. A deep predisposition to worry. Can have a woeful lack of confidence. harsh critic of yourself. Anxious for approvable and favor of others. Can try too hard to satisfy others. However, in other ways you don’t try hard enough. When down can get vague, withdrawn, dependable and self indulgent. Can’t bear squabbling yet can be contentious. Can have trouble maintaining the balance you seek. Can be indecisive to the point of paralysis. Uncertainty causes you to work yourself up so much, can become argumentative, distant or obsessed. Making your mind up tp move forward can be your biggest challenge. In your search for balance, peace and beauty you can wear yourself out ( remember Libra, everything in moderation).

Libra relationships:

Libras can be such a collection of contradictions. Instinctively looking for romantic partners to stabilize. Your a sign ruled by your head not your heart you unconsciously preserve a distance meant to protect you from conflict and emotional chaos. You can end up in an internal tug-of-war in a relationship. Sometime your ambivalence can come across to others as manipulative. In a partner you are looking for the whole package: looks, brains, energy, style, manners and status. You are loyal, loving, generous and proud.


The Water Bearer, people born between January 20 – February 18, greatly admired for their forward thinking ideas, free-spirited personality and unique interests. You’re an original, progressive, future orientated and have great insight. Fixed air.

Aquarius positives:

Open-mined intelligence. Natural visionary. Humanitarian. High-minded principles which you try to live by. Altruistic and issue orientated. Believe in equality of people. You are interested in everyone. You can connect with others. Terrible things that happen in the world appall Aquarius’s. You don’t follow the crowd, you think for yourself. A lively, inventive mind. Off-beat habits and interests. Technology and SiFi are so Aquarian. Though this might not resonate with all Aquarius, the point is that Aquarius lean towards the future. Contemporary, compassionate, congenial and charismatic. Have a variety of different kind of friends. inventive mind.

Aquarius negatives:

Your unconventional and independent outlook can quickly become eccentric, thoughtless, pointless rebellion. Can be contrary and childish. Not willing to go along. Tend to be stubborn. Your humanity can seem false. Can strike others as being aloof and distant. Recoil from intimacy and can even create barriers to it. For Aquarius, detachment is a natural state. More comfortable with ideas than emotions. Can be a little insecure though others will not notice this. Warm on the surface, chilly underneath. Alert but uninvolved at times. Your idealism runs deep. You want the best for yourself and other but this doesn’t always come across in a positive way. Can strike others as being insensitive and you perceive others as being thin-skinned. Can come across as being robot-android-like.

Aquarius relationships:

Aquarius relationships are fair and friendly. You extend your friendship to all the different types of people (odd-balls, extremists included!) You can drop many relationships with no problem and maintain just a few for life. Romance for Aquarius is more complicated. Getting engaged or having date night on a Saturday seems phony or old-fashioned. Resent having to go along with antiquated notions. Others can interpret your independence as rejection and take it personally. Others who are needy strike Aquarius as being unreasonable and demanding. In maintaining a relationship make sure the assumptions are shared.


Water signs are emotional beings known for their emotional responsiveness. and sensitivity. Profoundly sensitive, vulnerable and reactive. Hugely intuitive and occasionally psychic and deeply spiritual.


The Crab, people born between June 21 – July 22, known for their emotional acuity, sympathetic nature and love of being home. Ruled by the moon they are introspective, intuitive, security conscious and very aware of their emotional environment. Determined to conquer their vulnerabilities and achieve their goals. Cardinal water.

Cancer positives:

An intriguing paradox. Emotionally wide open with an intense inner focus but also enterprising and ambitious with a strong outer focus. Known for your fluctuating moods. Emotional sensitivity is your greatest asset it serves as a barometer to your surroundings. Shrewd and insightful. When you trust your intuition you act according to it. You maintain a strong tie to the past both personal and historical. Powerful longing for home, family and domestic tranquility. You want emotional security. Loyal, affectionate, kind and supportive. You never give up on someone you love. Ability to care and nurture others parallels your need to care and comfort yourself. Intent on initiating activity. You don’t let your emotions get in the way of reaching your goals. Your determination is extraordinary. At your best your internal awareness supports your outer ambitions. Great memory. You defend yourself well.

Cancer negatives:

Fretful and highly-strung. Afraid of addressing a problem directly. Extremely defensive to your own detriment. Imprisoned by your anxieties, movement becomes impossible. You withdraw or enter total denial where you become unreachable. Your need for security paralyzes you. With others you can be very possessive and demanding. Fear of being abandoned, can be ferociously clingy which applies to people and jobs. Insecurity, depression and your fears are challenges to be confronted.

Cancer relationships:

The most maternal sign. Instinct for closeness. Family is a center role. Lavish attention on family, friends and partners alike. You turn friends into family. Children claim a special place in your heart. Love affairs absorb you. Most comfortable in a committed, traditional relationship. Shyer than you appear to be, you long for someone to share a soul connection with. When you feel cherished you are totally devoted and supportive. When you feel insecure, you are fearful of being alone yet unwilling to engage in conflict. You hold too tightly for too long. When relationship fall apart you are devastated (even if you make the decision). In romance your ability to take action and recognize opportunities pays off.


The Scorpion, people born between October 23 – November 21, are recognized for their intensity, magnetism, and ability to go deep into psyche & intellect. Creatures of extremes, they live on the edge. Fixed water.

Scorpio positives:

Vibrant, passionate, magnetic. Depth and complexity. Participates fully in life. Perceptive and sensual. Your sense are alert. Powers of observation. You read what people say as well as their body language. Relish in melodrama. See-saw moods ranging from ecstatic height to hellish depths. You feel all emotions at the core of your soul. Curious about other people. Value your privacy. Introverted. Skilled at figuring out the secrets of others. Mysteries fascinate you. Determined. Scorpios will power is astonishing. Resourceful. Careful planner. You don’t give up. Can rejuvenate yourself.

Scorpio negatives:

Scorpios have some deeply nasty traits. Obsessive, jealous, secretive, manipulative and arrogant. Wicked tongue. Scorpios know how to wound. Unforgiving. Vengeful and spiteful. Disturbingly cold hearted. When a Scorpio is bad, it’s scary. But most Scorpio can keep this side to them under wraps. Instead they can struggle with depression. Bleak despair pulls a Scorpio down. Pursue their demons fighting relentlessly against their tribulations.

Scorpio relationships:

All relationships with Scorpios are serious. Scorpios want to bond on the deepest level. Especially true in their romantic lives. Long for total immersion. The intensity helps create a fully intertwined partnership that a Scorpio craves. Can cause suspicious, possessiveness and resent. Issues of power and control can come up. Can become painfully obsessive. When a relationship is falling apart or a Scorpio feels injured they cut the other person off, forever.


The Fish, people born between February 19 – March 19, ruled by elusive Neptune the planet of glamour and illusion, they are compassionate, gentle, impressionable and imaginative. The sign of a dreamer and matters of the spirit. Mutable water.

Pisces positives:

Super sensitive. Sympathetic and receptive. Receive constant impressions and information. Weirdly psychic. When good things happen to others Pisces feel it and rejoice. Generous. Insightful with a big heart. Innately spiritual. Powerful imagination. Dreams can be a vivid source of inspiration. Powerful intuition. Pisces sense what is going on way before it registers real time. Pisces don’t get caught in limitations of reality, anything is possible. They can leap over obstacles and make surprising breakthroughs. Pisces embrace change. Willing to take enormous risks. Often the risks succeed, when they don’t Pisces are philosophical about it. Have the capacity to turn circumstances and attitude around.

Pisces negatives:

Lacks boundaries. Struggle to protect yourself. Feel when bad things happen to good people and it horrifies you. Can become trapped in illusion. Can be gullible, irrational and so easily hurt. Requirements of ordinary life can overwhelm a Pisces. Prone to fantasy and wishful thinking. Entitlement. Indecisive. Can be weak and easily deceived. Refuse to accept reality at times. Avoidance of responsibility. Passive. When feeling trapped wait to be rescued instead of taking your own action. Broody and procrastination. When efforts fail, can become lethargy, self-pitying, depressed, guilty or resentful. Can sleep too much or too little. Susceptible to substance abuse. Can be own worst enemy.

Pisces relationships:

A faithful and generous friend. Whimsical. A starry-eyed lover. A tender, loving partner. A certain sweetness that cannot be denied. Ability to love without equal. Pisces see the best in those who care for them. Delight in cheering others on because Pisces crave that kind of encouragement. A genuine romantic. Capable of falling for anyone if you see their potential beneath. Once feelings are engaged, rational judgment goes out the window. Total infatuation comes over Pisces. They spin a fantasy that enables Pisces to ignore flaws of others. Extremely responsive to others. Pisces intuition is flawless. Can suffer from a deep-seated willingness to avoid or refuse reality.


Astrology is a vast, massive topic and this article only scratches the surface. The main point to take away is that according to astrology, when we enter this world we are born under certain star, sun and moon alignments. This means that certain traits and characteristic are attributed to us. We can use this information that has been given to us to better understand ourselves and to help us navigate through our lives. By becoming aware of parts of ourselves that have been ‘hidden’ and embracing this knowledge, we can become better people and learn to use our strengths and given abilities for the good and intended purpose that they were given to us for. Blessed be.




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