What are Witches balls? What is a witch ball?

What are Witches Balls? Here are ways you can use them to enhance your life.

Witches balls are wonderful things. They have been used for a long time. Many people choose to create their own to fulfill a certain need. But what type of need would call for a Witch ball? In this article we will take a look at what a witch ball is exactly, what they are used for, dive into the history of there origins and how you can make your own!




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What is a Witches Ball?

Basically, a Witch ball is a colorful and vibrant glass ball that is hollow with strands inside. It can also have twisting, swirling patterns decorated on the outside. A Witches ball has a hole in the top so it can be suspended in doorways or windows or in the corners of your home. They are seen as apotropaic (which means a belief in the balls , that they have power to avert evil influences or bad luck)

You will find that traditionally, Witches balls were green or blue in color and always made from glass. However, if you want to make your own Witches ball, you cna go ahead and choose alternative materials like wood, grass or twiggs. Also, a Witches ball be made into any size (from a small ball you could hang on a tree to a ball that is 10 inches wide!).

What is the Origin & History of Witches Balls?

Going back to the 18th century, Witches balls became very popular and could be found in many households. They are actually thought to have originated in England. Originally, the Witch ball was just used as a decorative object that was located in and around the house or garden.

Their popularity in the 18th century soon spread across the European continent. With this rise of popularity came big glass factories all over Europe who started to produce these ever growing popular glass Witch balls. The Witch balls reached their height of popularity in the 1930’s.

At first, the glass balls that were used to protect the edges of a vase or cup when it was being transported were initially disregarded and disposed of. But then collectors began using these leftover pieces of glass as art and turning them into Witch balls,decorating them in all kinds of interesting and varying ways.

Floating glass buoys became connected with witches during the witch hunts in England as the glass balls that people would get a hold of, were traditionally used as a fishing float. The name “witch ball” is thought to have come from “watch ball” – but whats a watch ball …

NOTE: A watch ball was used as an extended panorama viewing aid – to see beyond the usual line of sight. It helped people to look around corners and was useful for shopkeepers to watch out for thieves trying to take things without paying.

What can you use Witches Balls for?

There are many reasons a practitioner use or create Witch balls. Some do it as pure decoration, some make a witch ball specific to a Sabbat celebration, but most who decide to make/get a Witch ball is for at least one of the following reason:

  • To protect you & your home from the evil eye
  • Repel ill-intended spells
  • Repel evil spirits
  • Repel ill fortune

Where to do I put a Witches Ball?

You can choose to put a witch ball anywhere you like, but if you are using a witch ball to protect yourself or home and to repel evil you will want to be more selective. Here are a few suggestion for the most effective places to place your Witches balls. I always urge you to go with your intuition. You will instinctively know (especially in your own home) where the best place to put your Witch ball.

Suggested areas for you to hang you Witch ball(s):

  • Hang them in your windows (preferably eastern windows)
  • Suspend them by a cord (from the mantelpiece or rafters)
  • The ceiling corners
  • On your window ledge
  • Place on sticks in windows
  • On the porch or balcony
  • In a chimney or open fire place
  • On top of a vase
  • On your altar
  • In your sacred space

NOTE: Place your Witches balls anywhere that negative energy can collect! Hang them in rooms where you want to ward off evil and encourage a happy, positive, productive space.

What is the Purpose of a Witches Ball?

The purpose of a Witch ball is to avert demons and their evil spells. They can be used to repel evil spirits, evil spells, any misfortune you may be inflicted with and bad spirits. Witch balls are thought to avert the evil eye, by attracting the gaze of the eye and prevent it from bringing harm to you and your home. A witch ball is thought to either trap or scare away any negative spirits that might wander into your home.

You can also create a Witch ball that promotes good luck, prosperity, love and happiness by using corresponding elements and a spell which you can write on a piece of paper and put into the witch ball and seal. Get creative! Create your own witch ball for whatever need you may have to address right now.

How do Witches Balls work?

The Witches balls are thought to entice evil spirits with their bright colors and shiny surface. The evil and negative spirits/energy then become mesmerized by the reflection. If they touch the witches ball they are then caught and imprisoned by the strands inside the glass ball. The strands which you placed inside the ball, capture the spirits/energy and prevent it from escaping. It is also thought that evil influences accumulated as dust on the ball so once you have place your Witches ball in the right location, make sure you regular clean it so dust does not collect. This is necessary if you want to have the full effect of the the Witch ball.

NOTE: According to folklore – if the witch ball becomes cloudy, dim or opaque, it is thought to be a prediction of a death!

What can I use for a Witch Ball?

You can use pretty much any material you like for a Witch ball. But, the most common materials used a strong, robust, shiny, and reflective materials. Suggestions of things you can use for your own Witch balls:

  • Glass art balls
  • Mirrored balls
  • An old glass fisherman’s floats
  • A Christmas tree ornament

How to make your own Witch Ball:

This is just my suggestions a a base for you to work from, yo can add,switch or change any element you like depending on the purpose for you creating your Witch ball (protection, good luck, love, prosperity etc.):

Step 1

Get yourself a clear glass ball/Christmas ball and remove the metal cap so you can access inside the ball

Step 2

Squirt from the tube or bottle, approximately one teaspoon of silver acrylic paint into the ball. Tilt and roll the ball, allowing the paint to spread over the inner surface to produce a scribbled web effect (you can also add any other additional colors and do this with them the same way).

Step 3

Place the ball upside down over some newspaper of towel to let the excess paint to drip out. When the excess paint has drained, place the ball right side up and allow the paint to dry.

Step 4

Break up a cinnamon stick. Pour the cinnamon bits into the ball for the protection element of the witch ball. Put a tablespoon of dried lavender and some crushed dried rose petals to add into the ball for luck. Add a couple of drops of essential oils (ones that resonate with your intent and purpose).

Step 5

Cut some silver tinsel into various lengths and stuff them in the ball until the ball is fairly full. The silver color of the paint and tinsel will reflect bad energy back on the sender, and the tinsel will entangle the evil spirits and negativity.

Step 6

Place a dot of glue inside the ball’s decorative cap and replace it on top the ball. Insert fishing line (or something similar) through the hanger and hang the ball wherever you desire.




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