Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads November 30th

The Night of Hecate Trivia: Night of the Crossroads – how you can connect …

Today marks the day of Hecate at the Crossroads on this night of 30th November (sometimes celebrated on 31st October). Today, Witches, Wiccans & Pagans alike honor Hecate in her appearance as the Dark Goddess.
As we know, Hecate is the goddess of crossroads (among many other things) and this is what we observe on this date. Tonight we remember and honor our Goddess Hecate, the one who protects and guides us, the one who has become our goddess of magick.




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NOTE: Hecate is a goddess who is not to be invoked lightly! She is honored on November 30, which is called the night of Hecate Trivia a.k.a. the night of the crossroads

Hecate is the Chthonian Greek Triple-Earth-Goddess, and she represents the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone
(all the aspects of the Mother Goddess).. It is said that her origins are in Asia Minor, where she was worshiped as the primary mother goddess. She was later transformed into a Goddess of Magick, a Goddess of Moon and Night, Ruler of Ghosts, the Under-world and Protectress and Patroness of Magicians and Witches..

NOTE: Hecate as the Crone aspect and her role as the Dark Goddess comes from her connection to the spirit world, the dark moon, and magick, her light side connects her to childbirth and maidenhood.

Hekate is a guide and a guardian, protecting all those who call upon Her especially if you are burdened with the hardships of life on the road, protector against murder, theft, dangers of childbirth.and magic. Hecate is also a mediating figure who intercedes on our behalf with other Gods. Hecate also bestows many gifts upon those who honor Her which can include magical abilities and prosperity.

To honor Hecate in your own magickal practice, you can do the following:

  • Keep sacred the Deipnon (supper) and all of Her festivals.
  • Study magic and prophecy, particularly theurgy (Hecate is also the patron of that art).
  • Go for walks at night
  • Go for a walk among strange places.
  • Help fellow travelers and strangers (especially if they have dogs!)
  • Appreciate the weird and supernatural.
  • Adopt a dog
  • Volunteer at a shelter
  • Take care of a deserted, abandoned and neglected place
  • Walk along a dark road at night and offer up prayers or hymns specifically for Hecate

Epithets for Goddess Hecate:

Aidonaia – Lady of the Underworld
Antania – Enemy of mankind or Sender of Nocturnal Dreams
Atalos – Tender, Delicate
Brimo – Angry One
Dadophoros – Torch bearer
Enodia – Of the Roads, Of the Paths
Epiphanestate Thea – Most Manifest Goddess
Erodia – Gatekeeper
Khthonia/Chthonian – Underworld, Of The Earth
Koure mounogenes – Only Begotten Maiden
Krataiis – Strong One
Kurotrophos – Protector of Children
Megiste – Greatest
Monogenes – Only Child
Nykipolos Khthonie – Night Wanderer of the Underworld
Nyktipolos – Night Wandering
Perseis – Destroyer
Phosphoros – the light-bringer
Propolos – Guide, Attendant Who Leads
Propylaia – the Guardian, The One Before the Gate
Trevia/Trivia/Trioditis – Of The Three Ways, Of the Three Roads
Tricephalus – The Three-Headed
Trimorphis – Three Formed, Three Bodied
Trioditis – Of the Crossroads
Zerynthia – Of Mt Zerynthia

How Can You Honor Hecate on a Daily basis?

Hekate is a diverse Goddess with many attributes that you can honor and worship (as seen in her epithets).. There are many things you can do to honor Hecate on a regular basis, here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

  1. Build an altar in your home in for Hecate which focuses on her role as protector and key bearer (you might want to choose to decorate your altar following this theme), The altar should be placed either outside your front door or right inside it (depending on your living situation)

NOTE: You can place your altar on a shelf, on a table, on the floor, or in a garden bed net to your front door – the shape it takes is up to you!

2. Be sure to feed you Hecate altar with frequent offerings no less than once a month but regular offering is better.

3. You can speak a prayer to Hecate as you enter or leave your home as you pass by your altar (you might want to leave a small offering at this time when you pass by).

4. A good way to get to know Hecate is to focus on one of Her attributes at a time, you can also tie the attribute in focus to her monthly dinner on the night of a dark moon (focus on a minimum of one attribute a week).

5. You can also breakdown the hymns to small sections on which you can focus on one section at a time.

6. You can tie the attributes you are focusing on with the season and time of year (for example: you might prefer to focus on darker functions in the dark seasons and lighter in the light seasons).

REMEMBER: The best thing to do is find out what works best for you and your relationship with Hecate.

A simple Prayer and Hymn for You to Dedicate to Hecate on November 30th:

Hecate when I doubt,
Show me my strength;
When I am wrong,
Show me the right path;
Light the crossroads before me,
That I might see my way;
Queen of transitions,
Guardian of Doorways,
Hecate, bless my journeys,
Through dark and dawn, day and dusk.
Help me bring into balance the forces within myself.
Light and dark, above and below,
As a coin can not have only one side,
I am not whole, one without the other.

Author Unknown



Tonight is the perfect night to get to know Hecate. If you’re an avid follower or new to Hecate’s brilliance, tonight is the night to get acquainted with Her, build an altar in Her name, say a prayer, be open to Hecate, allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling, go out into the night and breath in the cold night air, chant, say a prayer, thank Hecate and truly be vulnerable to connect to with Her most intense energy. Tonight is Her night, night of the cross roads, praise Goddess Hecate! Blessed be to all who acknowledge this night.




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