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ICE MOON: February’s Full Moon: A time of Purification & Cleansing

As Witches and practitioners of magick, we are used to utilizing the elemental forces for our magickal practices. The Full Moon is a potent and highly spiritual, it heightens our emotions helping us to further our esoteric knowledge. This months Ice Moon will light up the night sky and fill us with it’s strong magickal energies. Let’s take this moment to remember that the Moon is of crucial importance in our world of Witches and witchcraft. As we know, the phases of the Moon and its cycle have a massive impact on the potency of your spellwork and its success. Now is the time for you to make magick and dance in the moonlight … time to ignite your soul …

Ice Moon

February’s full moon is called the Ice Moon because of the time of year it appears in. If you live somewhere where it isn’t so cold and it doesn’t snow, the name could seem out of place. Many cultures from the Northern Hemisphere experience the coldest times during February hence why this has become the common name for the full moon in February.




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NOTE: The Ice Moon is also know by some as the – Snow Moon, Storm Moon, Horning Moon, Big Winter Moon, Red & Cleansing Moon.

The Moon amplifies your spellwork there is no doubt about this (at all phases but especially at a Full Moon or New Moon). This is why working your magick tonight under the Ice Moon will work in harmony with the your internal energies as a Witch or practitioner of magick. It is always best to align your witchcraft with the correct phase of the Moon to get the best results and really connect with the energies of the moment.

NOTE: Performing a ritual during the improper phase of the Moon will not lead to terrible results but it will hinder the achievement of the outcome.

Tip for planning your rituals for the Ice Moon:

If you are unable to align your ritual with the date and time specified for the full moon, you can perform the spell the night before if, the Full Moon falls during an inconvenient time (for example, when you’re at work or have another permanent commitment etc.). You will still benefit from performing your ritual because as the Moon grows to being full, you will be able to access the growing energies that are harmonizing and helping with the manifestation of your ritual.

Why is it called the Ice Moon?

The Ice Moon occurs in some of the hardest parts of winter (in some, but not all places in the world). It shines it’s light on all the cold, dark and miserable parts of the season. Often, at times it can be too cold to even spend much time outside It is truly a month of ice. February is a chilling one for sure, if your located anywhere within the Northern Hemisphere.

It is believed by some that the month of February comes from the Roman goddess Februa aka Juno Februa or the god Februus aka Roman Pluto or Dis. In Roman and Celtic cultures February was a time of spiritual purification, initiation and re-dedication to any deities that you worship and connect with when practicing your witchcraft. Take this month of February to really focus on purifying and cleansing yourself. This can mean not just spiritually, but physically, your home, your altar, all your possessions (especially your magickal tools). By doing this you are preparing your body, mind and soul for new spiritual experiences in the coming months.

NOTE: By purifying and cleansing you will remove the negative energies and vibrations. Make sure you invite positive high vibrations in afterwards!

Goddesses that you can work with on this full moon:

  • Diana
  • Juno
  • Kore/Persephone
  • Kuan Yin (the great goddess of the oriental people)
  • Mania
  • Vesta
  • Concordia/Caristia

Correspondences for the Ice Moon in February

NOTE: Correspondence means there is a connection with one thing to another, they work in harmony and are compatible at this time.

If you want to enhance your magickal connection with the Ice Moon of February here are some suggestion of ways in which you can achieve this. You can wear, decorate your altar or use the colors light blue and violet in your spell work. Add an amethyst, rock crystal or jasper. Incorporate the flower primrose, and the scents of heliotrope and wisteria. If you are wanting to connect with deities or nature spirits you should focus on making connections with your house fairies (of the home and plants that you may have) as well as the goddesses: Diana, Brigid, Juno, Persephone, Selene, Aphrodite and Kuan Yin.

When working your magick, focus on your energy coming from deep within, coming up to the surface, working on purification, healing and growth. Accept the past. Acknowledge you past mistakes. Learn the lessons and move forward. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Accept yourself. Make your future plans and bring forth positivity.

Magickal Things You Can Do During the Ice Moon

During this month of purification, initiation and love I have a few suggestions for you to consider if your a contemplating some different way to honor and celebrate this full moon, the ICE MOON!

Take a relaxing bath, create your own self love or purification (or both!) bath salt mix, light white and red candles and use this time to relax and mediate on letting go and moving successfully into the future. Once you have finished in the bath, put on your favourite sent and wrap yourself up in a nice comfortable robe. Take your purified & self-love relaxation further by making yourself a hot drink (magickally charged of course) and sit in the moonlight. Light a red candle and enjoy the moment.

Dance! There is no better time to move your body than dancing in the light of a full moon. Let yourself be free, move and flow with what ever kind of music gets you going. Put on that track that stirs up deep emotions that make you want to jump up and go crazy! Tonight is the night to let yourself go, love yourself and put out those loving vibrations for all. Shine bright Witches!

Do a ritual. Tune yourself into what you want to carry forward, and what you want to release. This ritual will tap into your inner playfulness and artistic tendencies. What you will need is a candle, 2x pieces of paper and a selection of colored pens. Now follow these steps:

  1. Light your candle (you can choose a: white, red, light blue of violet color candle)
  2. Ground yourself (focus inwards and prepare yourself for the ritual)
  3. When ready, place the two pieces of paper in front of you with your colored pens
  4. Sit or stand (whichever feels the most comfortable for you) in front of the first sheet
  5. Visualize a time in your life when you felt true joy, freedom, vitality and a real sense of being alive
  6. See, feel, and hear as many details from this experience as possible
  7. Say the following out loud: “I feel true joy when (you fill in the blank)”
  8. Now pull a tarot card to inspire you. 
  9. Using a colored pen of your choice (the one you are drawn to the most), let your hand draw whatever shapes, images, and lines that emerge from within  

NOTE: This is about expression and impulsive abandonment of joy – do not judge or analyze what you comes out as your expression on the paper. You can use as many different colors as you feel is right for you

10. When ready, take your second sheet of paper (make sure you are feeling safe and secure

11. Visualize a time in your life when you felt unable to express yourself and forced to be an un-authentic version of you.

12. Now think about the following questions (you can just think or you can write down any responses that you feel necessary to write down)

  • In what ways are you being called to celebrate the authentic you?
  • In what ways are you being called to see the magick in the everyday choices that you make?
  • Where is it time to step outside of the comfort zone of what you know and explore uncharted territory?
  • How are you being called to release yourself from the commitments that no longer serve you?
  • In what ways are you being called to rejuvenate from within?
  • What old habits/thoughts/patterns must you step out of so you can step up?

You can keep these pieces of paper in your journal for reflection and motivation. If you like you can frame your creative expression and place on your altar on somewhere that will inspire you. Thank the universe for all the blessings you receive. Continue to enjoy the radiance and magickal energy that you are gifted on this beautiful night of the Ice Moon.




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