Scared home cleansing and blessing ritaul for a magickal life

How Sacred is Your Home? Need Some Help – Here’s what you need to know …

Home is where the heart is and is where most Witches practice their craft. I love to make sure my home is the perfect place for positive energies and magick to flow through. For this, I make sure I regularly clean (often with lavender and peppermint essential oils) and smudge with sage! Now, lets see how we can make your home more sacred for all your own magickal workings …




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Is your home a Magickal work Space?

Most Witches and practitioners do their magickal work at home because it is the most comfortable and most private place for them to really concentrate on what they’re doing. So, because of this, your home should feel sacred. Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in through your front door and feel that wonderful sacred feeling every time you walk in. This can be easily achieve by taking some simple steps. Things you should do on the regular to keep your home feeling sacred are:

  • Regular cleaning with natural products (you can use essential oils if this is something you like to do)
  • Regular de-cluttering to get get rid of stagnate energy or negative energy build ups
  • Regular smudging or burning of incense

Cleansing and blessing rituals will make your home a better space to practice your magickal works and it is something you can do before you do a ritual or, whenever you feel it is necessary to so.

Is your home a Canvas on which you can create your magickal Life?

Take a few moments and take a look around your home. Ask yourself, is this a good place for me to create successful magick? Think about how your home feels right now? What areas feel good and which areas feel like they need some work? It is good to identify the vibes and energy that are in your home. This way you can rid yourself of anything that is unwanted and not welcome there.

Here are some suggestions to make your home a place where you can practice your magickal work:

  • Dedicate a small space where you can create a temple space of your own (an entire room, a table, a counter a draw etc.)
  • Ritually cleanse and bless your home (this is especially important if you have just moved in somewhere – do this before you move your things in!)
  • Doing a cleanse and blessing clears out any energy left by other people/things that were there before you
  • If you are already moved in you can still thoroughly clean your home and furniture before doing the rituals
  • You can also decorate with protective amulets and talisman

How can I cleanse my home/sacred space of unwanted energies and bless it?

Below is a simple ritual that you can follow to clean, cleanse and bless your home. Whenever you start to feel those negatives vibes around you, start the process and cleanse your sacred space once again!

What you will need to gather before you begin:

  • A medium bowl filled with pure/distilled water & add three pinches of salt to the water
  • One incense stick
  • One feather
  • Two pieces of rose quartz (to bring only love into your home)
  • Two pieces of hematite (to keep negativity out of your home

NOTE: You can choose other stones that you feel resonate with you and your home, choose crystals that attract positivity and crystals that keep away and protect you and your home from negativity in all its forms.

How to do the ritual:

  • Walk around your home opening all doors and cupboards (open all spaces you can that have doors)
  • Started at your front door
  • Hold the bowl of water & walk clockwise through your home
  • Keep the wall close to your left side
  • Go in & out of every room
  • Sprinkle the saltwater every 2 feet
  • Sprinkle in the wardrobes, cupboards, windows and doors
  • While doing this repeate: “With this water and earth, I cleanse my home so that it may become a place of comfort and love
  • After going around your entire home go back to your front door where you began
  • At your front door say: “So mote it be!” 
  • Now light the incense
  • Pick up the feather in your left hand & the incense in your right hand
  • Follow the same path you just did through your home
  • Touch the feather on the wall by the front door at shoulder level
  • Keep it touching the wall all the way through your home
  • While doing this repeate: “With air and fire, I cleanse this space so that it may become a home of happy thoughts and vitality”
  • Once back at your front door end with, “So mote it be!” 
  • Fully submerge the rose quartz and/or hematite in the saltwater & pass them through the incense smoke
  • While doing this say: I charge thee to guard and protect this home from this day forward; so mote it be!
  • Go to each exterior door
  • End with the front door
  • Place the stones on the floor on either side of the door
  • While doing this say: “May only good things, thoughts, and people pass this threshold; so mote it be!”
  • Close the door
  • Visualize a warm golden-pink glow surrounding your home
  • Leave the incense to burn out in your living room
  • Wash your hands with the rest of the saltwater and your cleansing ritual, blessing is complete!

Now you have a perfectly cleared, cleansed and blessed home. A beautiful canvas for you to continue to create your magickal life!


There are so many benefits to having a cleansed and sacred home or space. It promotes mental and physical wellness and will help you connect to the divine energy much more easily than if you are surrounded by clutter, dust and all the other unwanted things that will get in your way. Try and find the time to make this a regular thing. Regularly cleansing and blessing your space will promote more happiness, serenity and positive magickal workings. It will help you get in tune with your witchcraft, it will make practicing your meditation that little bit easier and, it will just make being in your home much more comfortable and relaxing. And lets face it, who doesn’t want more comfort and relaxation in their life right now! Take care and I hope you enjoy doing this ritual as much as I do!




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