How to become a witch

Casting Spells: The Art of Becoming a Witch

Casting spells and the practice of witchcraft for many who are considering it is an intriguing mystery. You might even say that it is “calling” to you. And in truth, it is. Witches are simply individuals who have tapped into the power of energy and use it to manifest their desires. Some people are aware of their witchiness and others are not quite there yet.

Becoming a witch is not about making a deal with the devil or wearing pointy hats, or even just casting spells but rather it is a personal journey of discovering and harnessing one’s own inner magick. In this blog post, we will explore the art of becoming a witch, including the beliefs, practices, and rituals that can help you tap into your own energy and become the powerful witch you were destined to be.

Understanding the Different Types of Witchcraft

Embarking on the path of witchcraft starts with delving into the varied, multi-faceted world of this ancient practice. Witchcraft is not a monolith. It is alive and is a fluid and rich tapestry of distinct paths, traditions, and rituals that span across many, many, cultures and time periods. From the earth-centered spirituality of Wicca, which venerates the divine feminine, to Hedge Witchcraft, renowned for its exploration of astral projection and communion with the spirit realm, each type of witchcraft is unique in its practices and beliefs.

As a novice witch, the spectrum of witchcraft types might seem overwhelming at first glance. However, it’s crucial to remember that there’s no rush to choose a particular path. Take the time to explore, research, and immerse yourself in the stories, beliefs, and rituals that make up these diverse practices. As you delve into the nuances of different witchcraft types, you might find yourself drawn to one more than the others. But take your time, there is no rush. Just as there is no rush in you casting spells!

The key to choosing the path that resonates with you lies in understanding your personal beliefs, intentions, and values. Take a moment and think about this. Are you drawn to the nature-centric practices of Green Witchcraft? Or do you feel a pull towards the ancestral wisdom and spirit work of Hoodoo? Perhaps the healing-centered practices of a Kitchen Witch speak to your nurturing spirit? Whichever path calls to you, embrace it with openness and respect, for it will guide your witchy journey, shaping your unique practice of witchcraft. The challenge of becoming a witch is to find your true spiritual path, to find the heart of what truly inspires you and let it guide all your actions and casting spells.

If you are wondering what witches are interested here are some examples for you. Witches are interested in how other cultures view the world, think, and do things. Witches learn about the religions and mythologies of other nations and other times. They also do past-life regressions and mindshift into other species to learn what it’s like to be a wolf, hawk, or frog. They interact with spirit beings, devas, power animals, and faery folk. Witches also choose to work with chakras and energy fields in their body and of the earth.

Remember, witchcraft is a journey, not a destination. So take your time, let your intuition guide you, and enjoy the magickal adventure that awaits!

Navigating the Path of Self-Discovery

Venturing on the journey to become a witch requires you to first traverse the labyrinth of your own heart and mind. This is a profound path of introspection where you question your deepest held values, convictions, and aspirations. What is it about witchcraft that sparks your curiosity? What outcomes are you envisioning through this practice? The answers to these inquiries are integral to your progression as they shape your understanding and application of witchcraft.

Unlike other spiritual practices, there is no preordained map to becoming a witch. You’re in the driver’s seat of your self-discovery journey. You choose the turns, the stops, and the pace. This can be empowering, but also intimidating. It’s okay to feel lost or confused. It’s all part of the process. Don’t be afraid to dive deep into your psyche, explore your past, and question your beliefs.

In this quest, be mindful of the importance of authenticity. Witchcraft is not about adopting someone else’s beliefs, casting spells or following a rigid set of rules. It’s about discovering what rings true to you and aligning your practice with those truths. This journey is yours and yours alone. Let it be as unique, dynamic, and vibrant as you are.

Through self-discovery, you’re not only charting your path in witchcraft but also cultivating a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself. It’s a metamorphic journey that invites you to embrace your power, your wisdom, and your magick. So, venture forth, brave explorer, and let your inner compass guide you towards your unique witchy path.

Delving into the Study of Witchcraft

The thrilling phase of your witchy journey, studying witchcraft, is akin to turning the pages of a fascinating novel filled with lore, wisdom, and mystery. Your initiation into this realm of knowledge is a unique blend of theological exploration, historical research, scientific curiosity, and folklore appreciation. This immersive study is where you begin to connect the dots, casting spells that you have created and truly understanding the significance of nature’s seasons, the power of elements, and the mystic dance of moon cycles.

As an eager student, start by immersing yourself in a diverse range of sources. Read through enchanting books that tell tales of ancient rituals and reveal secrets of magickal herbs. Browse the internet for insightful blogs, podcasts, or YouTube channels. Enroll in online courses that pique your interest, or seek guidance from experienced witches who are happy to share their wisdom.

Dedicate time to understanding the integral concepts of witchcraft and casting spells. Uncover the meaning behind symbols used in magick, delve into the various phases of the moon, and explore the properties of herbs and crystals. Each of these elements plays a vital role in witchcraft, so gaining a robust understanding of them is key.

Don’t be overwhelmed if all the information feels a lot to grasp initially. Remember, knowledge accumulation in witchcraft isn’t a race against time, but a delightful journey of lifelong learning. Take one step at a time, weaving together threads of knowledge into a beautiful work of wisdom that will ultimately serve as the foundation for your unique practice of witchcraft. As you tread this path, let your intuition be your guide, letting it lead you towards the facets of witchcraft that resonate most with your spirit.

Developing Your Own Beliefs and Ethical Code

The path of witchcraft is an empowering one that allows you the liberty to form your personal set of beliefs and ethical standards. Unlike some spiritual practices, there isn’t a predefined code you’re obligated to adhere to. Instead, you have the opportunity to craft your distinct moral compass, one that aligns with your values, aspirations, and experiences.

However, while the freedom to create your belief system is empowering, it also carries a significant responsibility. An important underpinning of witchcraft is a deep-seated respect for life in all its forms and the Earth that sustains it. As you shape your ethical code, it’s crucial to consider the repercussions of your magickal actions. Beyond just immediate effects, think about the potential long-term consequences on a broader scale. Remember, each action can ripple out, affecting not only you but also the world around you.

As you explore this realm of individual belief formation, remember that your ethical code is not set in stone. Just as you are continuously evolving, so too can your beliefs. Allow yourself the flexibility to question, reassess, and refine your moral compass as you delve deeper into your witchy journey. Your beliefs and ethical standards should be a true reflection of your growth and understanding, a testament to your personal evolution as a witch. So, take this journey with an open heart and a curious mind, and remember, you are the weaver of your ethical tapestry. Nothing is set in stone. Make the necessary changes as you become wiser.

Witches prize individuality, spontaneity, creativity, and freedom. We seek wisdom, love, and power to be used for individual freedom and the common good.

Remember, you are responsible for every thought, word, and action that you send out into the world. Witches value silence and discreet, meditating quietly, and seeking that still place at your core center.

Creating a Sacred Space and Gathering Witchy Tools

Crafting your very own sacred space, or altar, is an essential step in your witchy journey. It’s akin to establishing your spiritual haven, a spot where the metaphysical meets the physical world, and your magickal intentions come to life. Whether it’s a corner of your room, an outdoor nook, or an entire room, the space should emanate tranquility, energy, and inspiration, reflective of your unique witchcraft path.

When it comes to curating the magickal tools for your altar, it’s not about amassing the most elaborate or costly items. Rather, it’s about purposeful selection. Each tool, be it a charming crystal cluster, a bundle of fragrant herbs, an ornate tarot deck, or a simple candle, should align with your personal beliefs, intentions, and aesthetic. Remember, each tool embodies a specific purpose and carries unique energy. For instance, crystals amplify energy, candles can represent elements or specific intentions, and tarot cards facilitate intuitive connection and messages from the divine.

Handpicking your tools can be an enchanting adventure. Browse through witchy stores, explore online platforms, or even better, discover items in nature! Whether it’s a seashell from your last beach trip, a feather you found on a forest trail, or a stone that caught your eye in a riverbed, natural objects carry the raw energy of the earth, making them powerful tools in witchcraft.

As you set up your sacred space, don’t shy away from using your imagination. This is your canvas, so paint it with the colors of your magick. You can arrange your altar according to traditional symbolism or create an arrangement that speaks to you. And remember, your sacred space and tools are dynamic – they can evolve and change as you do on your witchy journey. So, go forth, infuse your spirit into your sacred space, and allow it to become an integral part of your magickal practice. Change it as frequently as you like, whether that’s based on the change of seasons, the Sabbats or just your own inner vibes.

To be a witch, you must be able to focus on one thing until you have made it your own. You must master having a vivid imagination.

Remember, the “things” don’t make the witch. There’s no approved food list, no uniform, and no dogma. Witches are individualistic, independent minded, and often contrary to popular beliefs. Knowledge, imagination, will, silence, faith, and love together make the magick happen. Your quest for all of these is what will make you a true Witch.

Practicing Witchcraft through Rituals and Spellcasting

Stepping into the magickal realm of casting spells and enacting rituals, you’re now at a thrilling juncture on your witchy journey. This is where the mystical meets the tangible; it’s about using your collected knowledge and sacred tools to actively participate in the dance of energy. Remember, spellcasting and rituals aren’t tools of manipulation or avenues for materialistic gain. They are profound methods for aligning your energy with the cosmos to bring your intentions into fruition.

As a beginner, you might want to start with simple, yet potent practices. Consider a ritual honoring the moon, a reflection of our internal rhythms, or a protective spell, a way of safeguarding your energy. Each ritual or spell is a step towards mastering the art of energy manipulation, allowing you to better manifest your intentions into the physical realm. You will need courage to follow this path, to face the changes that will happen within you.

As you venture into this phase of active practice, it’s important to approach it with respect and patience. Witchcraft isn’t about instant results. It’s a complex interplay of energies that requires time, dedication, and understanding. Each spell you cast, every ritual you perform, is a learning experience — a page in your unique grimoire.

Take this time to practice, to experiment, to learn. This is where your theoretical knowledge meets practical application. Embrace the journey with an open heart and a curious mind. This part of your path is filled with enchanting surprises and profound revelations. So, gather your witchy tools, call upon your acquired wisdom, and step into the magickal circle of spellcasting and rituals.

You can develop skills in magick, divination, ritual, healing, shamanic drumming, animal communication, and more.

Connecting with a Community of Witches

Immersing yourself in the world of witchcraft doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor unless you prefer it that way. There is a magickal, empowering sense of connection that comes from being part of a community that shares your passion, curiosity, and dedication.

This sense of fellowship can not only support your personal growth, but also add depth to your practice. By joining witchcraft forums, participating in online groups, or attending witch-centric festivals, you can gain insights, learn from the experiences of seasoned witches, and revel in the shared joy of this mystical journey. You can discuss different ways of casting spells and see what works for other witches.

These interactions often open up new perspectives, stimulating your understanding and sparking new ideas for your own practice. Having a mentor or a coven can provide guidance, inspiration, and companionship as you navigate your witchy path. Remember, every witch in your community has unique experiences, wisdom, and magick to share – including you. So, don’t hesitate to reach out, forge connections, and embrace the enchanting camaraderie that awaits in the witching community.


Witches, and the ways in which they practice their craft and casting spells, are extremely diverse. Of the Goddess, we witches say, “everything She touches changes”. If you wholeheartedly enter our world, you will be changed forever. Your spirit will be Goddess-touched and you may become a little wild, a little fey, and a little weird. You have the choice, either accept this and embrace it with all that you are, or seek another path if it just doesn’t feel right to you. Becoming a witch will help you understand that all people, including you, are part of the divine energy that creates and sustains the entire universe.

You will need to explore the shadow side of reality and yourself which uncovers pain, anger and fear in the world and in ourselves. You have to remember that if you do not face these powers and come to terms with them, they will control you and you may not reach your fullest potential as witch.  Understand and accept your inner child, your younger self, and the person you are now. To do this you will better understand where your true power lies and you will undoubtedly uncover your unique gifts and abilities.

However, don’t be fooled – magick and casting spells is work. Remember, whatever energy you send out to the world comes back to you. It’s okay to choose your own route, your unique path to becoming a witch. Listen to your inner bell, your intuition or whatever else you may call it. It is your inner sense of truth, the inner reality, the inner knowing which exists deep within. You are the only one who can hear it. You are the only person who knows what spiritual path is right for you. Signs that you are pushing towards your true will are obstacles melt away and allies and resources appear, so keep a look out! Becoming a Witch is all about discovering your aptitudes and developing your particular esoteric skills, so what are you waiting for? Blessed be to all my fellow witches! Happy learning.