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Halloween Meal Ideas: Make Your Samhain Special!

What Halloween meal should you be having? For Witches and many other Pagan groups, Halloween is a very important feast day that must be celebrated! And what better way to celebrate than with a feast of delicious foods centered around the meaning of Samhain. And what is the meaning? We are celebrating those who have gone before us, our ancestors and loved ones. We honor them and even communicate with them as the veil that separates our two world’s thins, making communication with the spiritual world much easier. It is also the perfect time to do divination for the year to come and we will be looking at foods you can use to do this with!




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As far as witchcraft goes, at midnight on October 31st in Italy (and those who are from Italian decent) place bowls of flava beans outside for the spirits that roam. They are then buried in the earth after sunrise on November 1st.

NOTE: What are flava beans? Fava beans, also known as broad beans, are a springtime crop that is grown and eaten around the world. fava beans date back to about 6000 BCE and were eaten by the ancient Greeks, Romans, and settlers of the eastern Mediterranean. Today, fava beans are part of Asian, Middle Eastern, European, South American, and African cuisines.


Fava beans were understood to be a magickally potent bean which also has the potential to be deadly! How? Because it induces a condition known as favism. Fava Beans are referred to in many different cultures including the Egyptians, to the Greeks and the Romans who believed that these little legumes housed the souls of the dead. Italians prepare their own fava bean recipes on All Souls Day (Nov 2nd), the main and most traditional being the Fave Dei Morti, which are bean shaped biscuits. If you want to use flava beans in your Halloween menu go ahead just be careful!


On this significant, spiritual festival it is a serious affair for some witches and pagans. You can choose to have a full blown special Samhain feast, ritual working and all or, you can scale it down for work, family and friends and have a happy Halloween party of tricks and lots of tasty treats! These treats do not have to be of the manufactured kind, oh no … once upon a time Halloween (Samhain, November Eve) was an adult holiday only, totally dedicated to divination, romance and serious feasting!


You can make your own special dishes of sweet, savory or a bit of both. Why not incorporate a few magickal incantations with a dash of divination. A favourite Halloween tradition of mine is to add little Halloween tokens to my selected dishes for fortunetelling purposes. Here is a list of tokens I like to use alongside their meanings, so you can pick and choose the ones you would like to include:

  • Anchor: stability
  • Baby doll: a baby
  • Button: mixed fortunes, blessings and challenges
  • Coin: wealth
  • Dice: good luck
  • Four leafed Clover: luck, freedom from malevolent spell
  • Horseshoe: luck, health
  • Key: success, travel, adventures, opportunity, solutions, luck in love
  • Ring: romance or marriage
  • Thimble: professional success, steady income, independence
  • Wheel: adventure
  • Wishbone: your wish comes true, your desires fulfilled

NOTE: This list is not extensive you can add others that you find and want to include in your special Halloween dishes.

It’s great fun to include tokens in your Halloween dishes for divination purposes but remember to advise everyone to eat carefully! When someone finds a token during the meal it is to be interpreted as an indication into the person’s destined future for the coming year.

REMEMBER: For most witches and especially way back when according to the Celtic calendar, Samhain/Halloween is/was actually considered New Years eve, with the start of the New Year occurring on November 1st.


Now onto the part you’ve been waiting for … the delicious dishes! These are traditional Halloween meals, you can incorporate them into your Halloween menu or just make one or two and have them with a friend or on your own!


  • Apple crowdie is spiced apple sauce with whipped cream. If your serving adults only you can a dash of whiskey.
  • Prior to serving add the tokens to the dish.
  • Each person takes one spoonful from the the pot
  • If no token appears the the jury is till out and the person’s fortune cannot yet be foretold and it is in their hands!

NOTE: You can change this up a bit and have each person take a spoonful until they find a token which is actually the modern take on this Scottish traditional desert.


  • Colcannon is a traditional Irish Halloween meal made up of a mixture of various vegetables and butter.
  • Hide small tokens inside the meal
  • If a person does not receive a token this indicates that their destiny has not been determined or is in their own hands

NOTE: If children are eating this meal you can wrap the tokens in wax paper so no accidents happen.

Colcannon Recipe:

Ingredients: Potatoes, cabbage, onions, salt, white pepper, butter

  1. Boil potatoes then drain and mash them
  2. At the same time as the potatoes, boil the chopped cabbage
  3. Stir the chopped, cooked cabbage into the mashed potatoes
  4. Melt butter in a pan
  5. Chop onions and gently saute them in the butter
  6. Mix sauted onions into the mashed potato and cabbage
  7. Add salt and white pepper to taste
  8. Carefully stir in the tokens
  9. Serve the colcannon on individual plates
  10. Make a well in the center of each mound of colcannon and fill with butter

NOTE: You can substitute the cabbage with parsnips you could use both if you like.


This is known as Halloween Cake! The fortune cake was once the centerpiece of Victorian Halloween parties. It serves to functions: 1) as a delicious desert and 2) as a fortune-telling device.

  • Bake tokens and charms into the cake of your choice
  • Cover the tokens with wax paper so people don’t accidentally swallow them!

NOTE: If you’re not up for baking a cake then you can substitute this with ice cream, this way its super easy to add the tokens and charms.


This is very similar to the apple crowdie except it is made from oatmeal instead of apples.

  • Oatmeal with whipped cream. If your serving adults only you can a dash of whiskey.
  • Prior to serving add the tokens to the dish.
  • Each person takes one spoonful from the the pot
  • If no token appears the the jury is till out and the person’s fortune cannot yet be foretold and it is in their hands!

Fortune-tellers Crowdie Recipe:

  1. Add two tablespoons of lightly toasted oatmeal to a dish of whipped cream (there must be enough whipped cream to cover the token)
  2. Stir in sugar to taste and add a table spoon of whiskey, rum or other spirits and chill
  3. Prior to serving add the tokens
  4. Everyone takes a spoonful from the dish until all the tokens have been claimed


  • Lambswool is a traditional Irish Halloween drink
  • The are so many various recipies
  • This potion is made from: roasted, crushed apples, milk, hot spiced ale, cider and/or wine (sugar added as desired)
  • Bits of toast cn be added too if you want

FACT: The name “Lambswool” is thought to be a corruption of the Irish Gaelic “La Mas Nbhal” or “Feast of Apple Gathering”. It is pronounced as Lammas-ool which eventually morphed into Lambs Wool.


This dish was traditionally served to a group of unmarried people. Only one token is hidden which is a wedding ring.

  • Mash of Nine Sorts is a traditional British Halloween Supper.
  • Ingredients include: potatoes, carrots, turnips, parsnips, leeks, and peas.
  • These are boiled or otherwise cooked
  • Milk or cream is added and everything is mashed together and seasoned to taste.
  • It is crucial to keep the lucky 9 ingredients so if you don’t like an ingredient you can take it out but substitute with another ingredient.
  • Whoever finds the wedding is destined to be married first.

NOTE: You don’t have to use a wedding ring you can substitute this token for something else if you like.


Not all Halloween foods dishes are meant to be eaten, some are intended for pure divination purposes. This particular Halloween divination dish involves apples the most Halloween-y fruit. This is how you can do this famous Halloween ritual:

What you need: An apple for every person, a knife for every person

  1. Begin to peel the apple
  2. The peel must come off in one piece
  3. If and when the peel breaks, stop peeling and work with what you have
  4. Toss the apple peel over your left shoulder
  5. When the peel falls it will form an initial of your true love

This next one involves chestnuts. The chestnuts are used to determine the future of a partnership or romantic relationship of the people you have invited over.

What you need: 2 chestnuts for each person, hot coals or a burning fireplace.

  1. If the chestnuts sputter loudly this is favorable
  2. If they jump apart it is time to reconsider the relationship

NOTE: This ritual can be done bay leaves instead of chestnuts.


I can’t mention Halloween and not address the Queen of Witches and suggest a meal to have in Her honor. Halloween is the perfect time to have a ritual meal for Hecate. Ritual meals for Hecate at this time were among Hecate’s traditional rites. A typical Hecate supper will include: eggs, fish roe, goat and sheep cheese, sprats, red mullet, garlic, mushrooms and honey cake surrounded by fire-lit torches or cakes decorated with candles to represent the torches if torches are not possible. So if you want to really make your Halloween dinner special, try incorporating some or all these foods and feast in honor of Hecate and all that She does for us, especially on Samhain.




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